Along with my Ceramic endeavours and full time job as an Iron Worker, I also teach a Metal Sculpture class at UCSD one evening a week.

As an Iron Worker I don’t get to do to many side jobs. So it is with great pleasure, and I am extremely fortunate, to be able to pass on

some of my thirty six years of metal working skills to students with a desire to create metal Sculpture. Here you will see some of the work they have

produced. Keep in mind that my class meets once a week, for three hours,for eight weeks and most all these works were done by students who had no prior

knowledge of metalworking before taking this class. Oh, and the first three sessions are dedicated to Safety and proper use of tools.

I am always AMAZED at the passion some of these very talented students display as they work feverishly on their projects.

What a joy and honor it is to help them bring their creative visions to life.