Employed as an Iron worker for the past thirty four years, I still enjoy every day I am able to do what I love to do, Create.

For most of my life I have created steel products for a living. Everything from nuclear Submarines, star wars projects and magnetic response imaging (MRI) manufacturing to make shift metal sculptures and kiln making.

My talents for iron work have provided me with a comfortable living and given me the opportunities to help others with their projects.

A new found passion for ceramics has allowed me to expand my creativity to include ceramics in my daily work. I am always looking for ways to combine efforts. Be it with other potters or bringing two mediums together. While teaching a “Metal sculpture class ” for UCSD craft center, I realized the beauty in blending ideas and crossing the line from ceramics to metal to glass and what ever direction the artists, ideas and medium will flow in. This unlimited source of adventure is where I spend my time playing.

Please feel free to send comments or question contact me here.