I have  worked creatively and professionally with my hands for more than 35 years. With a background in metal work and welding, I have taken to clay for a more fluid and expressive creative outlet. Working at home in my studio I am able to experiment with all types of clay and firings. Some of my experimental endeavors have been with Crystal Glazes, Cone Ten Reduction and oxidation, Raku /Horse Hair firings, pit and sagger firings and various types of Shino firings.

I first sat down at a potters wheel in 2005. That experience changed the way I looked at retirement. The new goal was to put together a ceramic studio capable of producing every type of pottery. That would allow me a creative outlet, social networking with fellow artists, potential income and the joy of making pottery.

After five years of classes at the UCSD Craft Center and Several ceramic work shops, I am now ready to launch this web site. I wish this site to be an interactive and informative site where fellow ceramic artist can exchange ideas.

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