It was  February, 2005 at the UCSD craft center when I first sat down at a potters wheel. Events in life had stripped me of my passion for rock climbing and forced me to seek out a new adventure. Unbeknownst to me, I had found a joy beyond any I had known to date.

Climbing presented mental, physical and geographic challenges that held my interests for more then a decade. It would have been near impossible for folks to convince me I could find that deep a passion anywhere else in life. Fast forward to 2011. In the last five years I have slowly put together a wonderful studio with capacity to fire any type of ceramics I choose.

The desire to get out in the studio and develop new glazes, make complicated forms and share every aspect of creativity with my dear friends is now my passion.

There is no greater joy then to share thoughts, creative impulses, day long firings and good times with the best of friends. Not to mention the beautiful pots that come from those endeavors.

My goal is to share the knowledge I have gained with those wishing to create a pot. Weather it be a simple tea bowl or an exotic crystalline pot, it is my desire to create, fire, develop and inspire all to do with ceramic art. As with the pots we make, so do the friendships last forever.